Conflicts between rhi installs and yak

I can see several compatibility issues between plugins installed with a .rhi file and plugins deployed from the yak packages:

  • A plugin can be installed twice (once with .rhi, once with yak) which leads to unwanted behaviors, like an old version loading when a newer one is installed, or users confused because they uninstalled with the package manager yet the plugin is still there. From my point of view, installing from the package manager should always uninstall (or at least disable) any previous rhi install.

  • I’ve got another issue with a rhi compiled for RH5 only: it installs on RH5, RH6, RH7. This is really annoying for two reasons:

    • On RH6 and RH7 I’ve got an error message at load time (obviously)
    • It conflicts with the yak package deployment for RH6-RH7

Is there any way to force a .rhi package to target only one specific version of rhino? I intend to drop the support of .rhi installers for my plugins except for Rhino5.

Best regards

Matthieu Arnold