Concha - Shell Analysis with Rhino3d

TAILSIT would like to announce the initial release of Concha, a Rhino3D plug-in for the numerical analysis of shell structures.

Based on the Finite Element Method, Concha lets you analyse the mechanical behaviour of complex geometries subject to arbitrary loads without leaving the design environment of Rhino3D.

The key features of Concha are

  • Import of any surface-based geometry objects from within Rhino3D
  • Specification of supports at vertices, edges or surfaces
  • Connection of vertices or surfaces from different geometry parts
  • Different material models
  • Application of forces to vertices, edges and surfaces
  • Temperature and self-weight loading
  • Automatised meshing, surface-wise meshing with non-conforming interfaces
  • Visualisation of deformed shape, displacement components, reaction forces and equivalent stresses
  • No knowledge of Grasshopper or RhinoScript is required

A version with selected features can be downloaded free on food4Rhino. We encourage you to provide us with your feedback and bug-reports in this forum or by mail.

For a professional, customized version or academic licensing please contact TAILSIT.


Hi Juergen,

 This sounds great and I immediately downloaded Concha from Food4Rhino. I get a message that it is unable to load because it is made for the latest Service Release of RhinoV5. I checked the updater and was told that I have the latest version and closed out of all Rhino instances and started fresh and still get the same message. 

From the command history;

Unable to load Concha.rhp plug-in.
This plug-in is designed to run in the latest Rhino 5.0 Service Release.
Please download the latest service release from

Sorry, I copied an extra word into the message that pops up when I look at the details for the plug in load. Your link works fine from that window. I’ve tried a couple more times but no luck.

When I look at the 'about Rhino' from the toolbar it may be that I do not have the latest

Version 5 SR12 64-bit
(5.12.50810.13095, 8/10/2015)

 I guess I am not getting automatic updates after all but am surprised that when I run the check function for updates am told that I have the latest. I will update manually and try Concha out again.

Sorry Juergen,

 I had to click 'SR Candidates' in the auto updater for V5 and now have the latest SR and your Conch loads just fine. Now to see just what I can do with it! Thanks so much for your effort. I've been using Scan & Solve in Rhino since its early days and now am using the FEA simulation module in Fusion 360 so it will be great to do this sort of work directly in Rhino once again.

Joseph, thank you for your interest in Concha. Although it’s working for you now, we have to check this issue since I do not think that there is any reason to have a release candidate installed.
Best regards - Juergen

Jürgen, If you had SR13 installed when compiling your plug-in, than that one will be required for others to run it. The problem with SR13 (second version) is that changes were not deemed to be important enough to trigger an auto-update and as such many will only have SR12 installed. I suppose it would be best to compile it against SR12.

As another such example, see:

By the way, do you have a manual for Concha - or an example file or so?

Wim, thanks for the info.

That’s what we decided to do. Unfortunately, we have no installer for SR12. I asked @dale for the file.

Not yet, but we plan to provide an introductory video soon.

Looking forward!
I had a quick shot trying to apply it on this problem but it looks like I need more time than what I have at the moment to figure it out :sunglasses:

Okay, done. I’ve uploaded a new version of Concha which is now built for SR12.

Here is a quick solution with Concha. Please remember that this is a shell analysis tool, hence surfaces have a thickness. (1.4 MB)


Released Concha v1.0.2 right now. It fixes some issues related to object visibilities.

Released v1.0.3 with following improvements:

  • Loading gets labelled with its magnitude
  • Hide model surfaces when viewing colored results
  • Show model entities when performing a selection
  • Layer tree created and destroyed depening on plug-in activity
  • Stage toolbar

Thanks Juergen, I’ll have a look.

What is the point of all this Juergen. There is No help file, or tutorials. And emails are not responded to.


Hi Douglas,

I don’t get the point of your complaints. The Rhino-Plugin in its current version is free for everyone to play around with. We tried to keep it simple and provided an introductive YouTube-video. More to come.

I do not know what happened to your e-mail. Mails to should end up in my mailbox. You may give it another try or contact me via PM here at discourse or by mail.


Dear Juergen

Apologies, I had completely forgotten my German friends toldme a long time ago that certain English phrases (plain as they may be) cannot be translated into the German language,therefore not fully understood. So I suspect that is why you write ‘I don’t get the point of your complaints’when in actual fact my comments are not complaints more ‘constructive criticism’

Yes you do provide a YouTube-video. However one simplestrip does not compare with the complete, complex superstructure of a vessel.That is fully joined up, but Concha wants to treat the panels separately. Thereforone has to use Concha to join them up again. ‘Time is money Juergen if you takemy point’.

I am also completely perplexed as to why when I open a 2.45GB model, a Tail-sit Concha window appears! ‘Is this really necessary’?

As to where my mail went one has to ask the internetgremlins, however for you peace of mind it reads as follows:

To Apr 13 at 3:48 PM

Dear Sirs

Could you please inform as to ifthere is a help file available, and tutorials,

many thanks


So let me now turn back to my points:

There is No help file, or tutorials. True or False?

Tutorials Part 1 and 2 are available for Rhino ‘Why’because it would be a devil of a job to learn it without them, numerousdiscourse comments advice newbies of this over and over again.

Of course your plugin is not the only guilty party, onthe day I wrote my comments, I had three quarters of that day, writing toPlugin parties rebuking them for not replying to emails, all that is except Polycad Marcus Bole, same day response to two emails, together with a link to theplugins help file, and a very concise explanation of the plugins limitation formy application. The only others to date showing the same degree of professionalismis the staff at Orcad3D and Scan and Solve.

I f you would like a complete list of plugin vendors whohave wasted vast amounts of my time, please do not hesitate to request.

Think about this scenario. Would you purchase a Mercedesand know what all the functions are without documentation? Be it your plugin isat present free is neither here nor there, without correct documentation andtutorials. I will certainly not waste my time trying to fathom it out and most certainlywould not consider purchasing.

Kind regards


PS: Translation compliments of Google.

Lieber Jürgen

Entschuldigungen, ich hatte ganz vergessen, dass meinedeutschen Freunde mir vor langer Zeit gesagt haben, dass bestimmte englischePhrasen (so einfach wie sie sind) nicht in die deutsche Sprache übersetztwerden können, also nicht ganz verstanden. Also ich vermute, das ist der Grund,warum du schreibst “Ich bekomme nicht den Punkt deiner Beschwerden”,als in Wirklichkeit meine Kommentare keine Beschwerden mehr “konstruktiveKritik”

Ja, du machst ein YouTube-Video. Doch ein einfacher Streifenvergleicht sich nicht mit dem kompletten, komplexen Aufbau eines Schiffes. Dasist voll verbunden, aber Concha will die Panels separat behandeln. Dafür mussman Concha benutzen, um sie wieder anzuschließen. “Zeit ist Geld Juergen,wenn du meinen Punkt nimmst”.

Ich bin auch völlig verwirrt, warum, wenn ich ein 2,45GB Modell öffne, erscheint ein Tail-sit Concha Fenster! Ist das wirklich nötig?

Was meine Post angeht, muss man die Internet-Gremlinsfragen, aber für Sie ist der Seelenfrieden wie folgt:

Zu Apr 13 at 3:48 PM

Sehr geehrte Herren

Könnten Sie bitte informieren, wenn es eine Hilfedateigibt, und Tutorials,

Danke vielmals


Also lass mich jetzt zu meinen Punkten zurückkehren:

Es gibt keine Hilfedatei oder Tutorials. Richtig oderfalsch?

Tutorials Teil 1 und 2 sind für Rhino ‘Warum’ da, weiles ein Teufel eines Jobs sein würde, um es ohne sie zu lernen, zahlreicheDiskussionskommentare berichten Neulinge davon immer und immer wieder.

Natürlich ist dein Plugin nicht die einzige schuldigeParty, an dem Tag, an dem ich meine Kommentare geschrieben habe, hatte ich dreiViertel an diesem Tag und schreibe an Plugin-Parteien, die sie für dieBeantwortung von E-Mails verurteilen, alles, was außer Poly Cad Marcus Bole amselben Tag ist Antwort auf zwei E-Mails, zusammen mit einem Link zu derPlugin-Hilfedatei und eine sehr genaue Erklärung der Plugins-Beschränkung fürmeine Anwendung. Die einzigen anderen, die bis dato den gleichen Grad anProfessionalität zeigen, sind die Mitarbeiter bei Orcad3D und Scan and Solve.

Ich möchte eine komplette Liste von Plugin-Anbietern,die große Mengen meiner Zeit verschwendet haben, bitte zögern Sie nicht zuverlangen.

Denken Sie an dieses Szenario. Würden Sie einenMercedes kaufen und wissen, was alle Funktionen ohne Dokumentation sind? Sei esdein Plugin ist derzeit frei ist weder hier noch da, ohne korrekteDokumentation und Tutorials. Ich werde sicherlich nicht verschwenden meine Zeitversucht, es zu ergründen und sicherlich würde nicht in Erwägung ziehen zukaufen.


The option to turn off the splash screen is now added to the todo-list.


Personally - since I am an experienced car driver and the Mercedes is for free: yes.

Freonlike groetnis,


We have uploaded “Concha - Getting Started”. In this document you can find a minimal example, available commands as well as some background information on the Finite Element Formulation we are using.

Kind regards

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We released Concha v1.0.4 with following fixes and improvements:

  • Built plugin for RhinoCommon SR13 again
  • Removed a bug in calculation of reaction forces
  • Removed a bug where nodal loads and constraints get lost if adjacent surfaces are added or removed
  • Fixed wrong display of nodal values for forces
  • Sign plugin with McNeel certificate and installer-files and DLLs with a trusted TAILSIT certificate
  • Correctly resolve plugin-path
  • Show mesh always in Wireframe-mode
  • Splashscreen can be turned off with ConchaSetDisplayProperties

We now take part in the artificial code-signing business and sign our plugin and installer with a certificate.

Since the user-dictionary-bug in Rhino 5 SR12 causes to much trouble, we decided to build against SR13 again from now on. For SR12-users we keep Concha 1.0.3 online for a while.

There has been a bug in the stress-smoothing algorithm which is fixed now in Concha v1.0.5. Moreover, the plugin now loads only on demand. We removed the download of the SR12-version from food4rhino.

We would like to announce an updated version of Concha.
In Version 1.0.6 the displayed results are now overlays instead of clickable objects. We also added an option to show element-wise results and improved the visualization of reaction forces.

You can download Concha from Food4Rhino. We’d like to encourage you to give us feedback via this forum.

Kind regards,

We have uploaded Version 1.1.1 of Concha which resolves some issues with the Licensing module and the extension of the license for the free version to April 2018. If you are using an older free version of the plug-in, please update to v1.1.1.

Kind regards,