Concave specular reflections

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to find the entire region of a curved surface that reflects specularly between an emitter and a receiver.

Quick explanation:
I have an image source algorithm that I use for planar reflection finding. The source is mirrored over a surface, and the line between the mirror image and the receiver is found. If the line intersects the piece of geometry that was used to mirror the source, then we have found a valid specular reflection.

In order to do this for a curved surface, it isn’t enough (for my application) to use the faceted mesh that backs up a curved surface. I need to find the entire region that reflects specularly, and integrate over it. I have a thought on how I can approximate it, using some special edge querying and Delaunay triangulation, but I was wondering if anyone out there had a better idea…

Let me know. Thanks!


Are you using Grasshopper? If so, this question might better be served in the Grasshopper category.

– Dale

No, I’m programming in the SDK, as usual.

I figured we have many smart people on this forum - maybe someone had an idea.