Computer has very long to calculate and freezes

Hi I have a problem with my Grashoppers file. I started with one load mode and now i have about 30. After I made all those load modes my programm is very slow and I do not know why. Is it because of many load modes or because my computer is about 4 yeras old and does not have the power which it requires to work or because I made my loadmodes too complicated and they are to hard to calculate? Help needed. (1.5 MB)

I locked the solver to examine your file. It is so large that GH freezes just trying to make an image of the canvas! WOW!!!

It left 4,183 images in a /Temp folder, each 1000 X 1000 pixels. WHOA!!!

What is a load mode? Anyway I’ll suggest you break your definition down into smaller definitions. No one will be willing to sort through all this.

Hi @linarda, it is expectable that such a large definition would take so long to calculate and is quite an inefficient method to work with Grasshopper/Karamba. The geometry itself is quite simple itself, so see if you can simplify the definition of the elements as well as how you apply the loads. You should really consider if you need implement all 30 different load cases. It takes me over 8 minutes to calculate the assemble model - and this should be significantly reduced so around 1 minute at maximum.

What do you exactly mean by: Simplify the definiton of the element?
Thank you for your support.

the geometry itself is not very complicated, but the method you set up your definition seems over complicated. You can use the profiler widget to see how long each component takes to calculate in your definition.