Karamba / Better ways to record calculation results?

Hello to all

Do you know the best way to save the calculations of a Karamba analysis in order not to have to restart the “assembly” and/or the “analysis” on large models.

I tried on a big model that took me 5 min of assembly alone, to internalize the model, to avoid restarting this operation each time I reopened my .gh file.

But Grasshopper has a lot of trouble opening a .gh file whose model has been internalized
When I say internalized model, I mean internalizing the output of the “assemble model” component

In my example, after internalization my .gh file was 120 Mb, but since then it has been impossible to re-open it.

Do you know of an efficient way to retrieve analysis results, or would you like to propose a development path to Karamba for future versions?


Hi, have you tried to export/import using json?

HI thanks for the tips , i dont think about it. I will try