Computational Designer(Engineer) / Researcher / Programmer for freelance part time work in the Inventing bureau «Izobrulo»

Who we are?
We are Izobrulo bureau – small team that working on 3D interactive installations service: Polylight(english version available)
Photos also here

We successfully developed 1 version of our digital fabrication approach based on grasshopper solution that basically does 3 steps:

  1. Mirrors 3D structure from 2D polyline triangulated sketch.
  2. Equals all tubes in 3D to same given length regardless of what real length it was in 2D sketch.
  3. Creates joints and connects with them light tubes from generated 3D structure.

All of this processes going automated, the only things that tweak operator is initial 2D polyline sketch(he goes from scratch and makes all of this polygons and lines), different values of joints: wall thickness, inner diameter, etc and triggers stages switches of generating joints process.
After that operator exports joints as STL and bring them to the 3D printer to fabrication.

Whom we are looking for?
Looking for a technical talent which wants to develop 2-d version of solution, possible from scratch.
We a going to develop close to first version solution, but with some differences:

  1. Instead of creating 3D tubes and joints from 2D sketch, it creates them from 3D lowpoly solid.
  2. Instead of equalling all tubes to one length, it divides it for 3 or 5 sets of lengthes, based of average length of each tube. And than equalling them as per set. It is also possible to create another one set with non-standard tubes, their length dramatically differs from all others.

We expect strong skills in grasshopper and/or related software.

Our workflow
We hope that this will be fast and active part-time freelance work.
We dont need personal visits, we love and happily works through online.
Most of communication lays out in messenger, with some videocalls and emails.

We are looking for person that will be able to start, as soon as possible.

Please feel free to drops us a note with your portfolio and any other questions to: