Spring Species - Grasshopper workshop, Bratislava (Slovakia)

SPRING SPECIES _grasshopper workshop Bratislava, Slovakia April 22-26

The workshop will focus on minimal surface physical simulations and iterative subdivisions, with an in depth look at mesh construction and accurate topology development. It will follow various approaches of creating complex geometries with increased control and manipulation possibilities which are processed by a computational subsystem articulated by Rhinoceros 5 + Grasshopper 3D & Sub- Plugins.

We will explore the potential of design based on physical simulations with added interactivity and the formal expressivity of tensile membrane structures.

Tutors: Andrei Padure_Romania, Alex Ahmad_Austria Crash course tutors: Ján Pernecký_Slovakia, Rojiar Soleimani_Iran Organizer: 3D Dreaming, rese arch

_Complete info at www.parametricbratislava.sk _

Posted Mar 24, 2014 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.