Computation limit control


I have uploaded the definition here quite simple one, on my machine it works practically in real time. From a certain range, it stops generate any picture without notification. Is it because of the computation limit? On a local machine, the same parameters work correctly.

What can I do to prevent such a behaviour? I definitely want to notify a user with some recommendation in such a case.

P.S. To repeat the issue change the DATA1 to 315

I checked your model at, and played with the DATA1 parameter. I set it to various values between 315 and 400. Computation seems to finish within the limit for free accounts (5000msec), but the output seems to be pretty empty for parameter values above 315. You would see a warning in case the computation time limit gets exceeded.

Please let us know which version of Rhino/Grasshopper you are using to create the definition. Maybe this problem happens due to an incompatibility between Rhino 5 and 6.

Yes, I use the last version available for the Rhino5

Your ShapeDiver account is currently linked to our backend system running Rhino 6. Slight incompatibilities might lead to the problem you are facing. In the near future it will become possible to choose between the backend system to use when uploading a model. For now we can manually link your account to use our Rhino 5 backend system. You might also create a separate user account for that. Please email us at if you want to give it a try.

It is a bit strange that you have the old versions of plug-ins but the fresh Rhino6. I haven’t figured out for myself the advantages of the Rhino 6 upgrade yet, but I’ve seen a small surprises in the work of the Grasshopper scripts on the Rhino 6. I will contact you, thank you.

We kept the old versions of the plugins for now in order to have backwards compatibility. We are gradually updating plugins in case those upgrades offer backwards compatibility, and are using proper versioning. This is not the case for all plugins out there.