Grid Density

Hi trying to find something to generate this type of grid without compressing as the surface closes.
the general idea is like the example in the image that I show below

Grid without (49.3 KB)
trying to create a grid without compressing all grids are created in the same way

Hi Eliel.

By extending all the U isocurves (or V, depend on case) to reach the length of the longest above them, you can make the surface more “equilateral”, and so any subdivision will be more uniform.
Grid without (53.3 KB)

Hope it helps

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Thank you
that solves part of my problem for open surfaces. but there is also the case that the surface is closed and I return to the same problem the mesh is compressed and stretched in the narrow parts and does not eliminate some boxes to avoid such problem.

before I had seen a post where we talked about reorganizing the points structure.

on an open surface I managed to project the curves on herself and thus achieve what you did in grasshopper.
but at the time of doing the same thing on the closed surface I don’t know how to deal with the problem.
I have tried an endless number of components, epro noted that they all have the same principle they contract with the surface and the mesh deforms becoming denser in those narrow places.

that’s why I was looking for help to achieve this same principle on a closed surface

Have you… acutally tried to use the script?
It work.
Yes, you have to do some manual fixing, meaning you cannot fully automatize it for any surface… but it take a couple of seconds for each surface…
Grid without (59.0 KB)

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interesting right now I get to work with this thanks :sonriente: