Components missing in latest version Rhino.inside revit

below listed functions are missing in latest RhinoInside.Revit

  1. Placing family instance
  2. Family new (not functioning
  3. sample file for placing columns not working


Kindly support to have those functions. it is very useful method to bring rhino objects to revit.

The names may have changed slightly, look in the tabs for the updated and new components.

What isn’t working about the sample file? Outdated components as well?

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Thanks for quick response. the components you mention is not available

also the available components has error.

Thanks again

is that the example file? best to rebuild from the latest components.

You’ll need to provide as much context as possible so the developers can help if its an actual bug.

I quickly ran the Column rotation Sample in the latest build, this is what it should look like:


thanks for support.
I thought may be some issue in my installation. i do install it again but still the issue remain the same.
many components are missing & below is the image for sample file.

if possible kindly post the link for latest installers.


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Could you please open Rhino.Inside Revit about dialog and show details.
This will show your Windows, CLR, Revit, Rhino and inside version.

Could you please share and screenshot of this dialog?

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Thank everyone, issue resolved, i have manually removed Revit folder from my special components folder, then install rhino-inside-Revit again & its working.

Thanks for sharing.