Component - Group Content - How to use it?


Where i find information about the Description i can write in the Panel on the left.
like, Colour, material or other stuff.

I only knew the “Display.Color”. (9.5 KB)

Thanks for help !

I couldn’t use your geometry and I tested with four breps in two different colors.

It seems the component does not like input coming from a text panel or a Model Attribute Key component and the criteria has to be set within the component itself.

As soon as the criteria is extracted, the filtering fails.

@AndyPayne or @kike could this be improved so text input is possible?

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Hey Martin,

I dont get the Option u show in the first Screenshot. I cant even rightclick on “Group Content”

Yes, sry the Geometry is empty. I placed 4 Curves in Rhino and gave each a Custom Colour (not from layer). And the Script worked.
I had no Problem with getting 1 Tree Branch for each Colour. Each Branch then get baked on a layer with the name of the colour.
Reason for the Script was, i imported Vector PDFs into Autocad and i had over 800k Objects. without any Layer, because the PDFs dont have Layers.

What Rhino version are you using? Is everything up to date?

(8.8.24142.13001, 2024-05-21)
Not the latest Update, but its new.

i spammed Right click on every Part of the Component and nothink happend, i restartet Rhino and nothink, i restarted PC and now it works :smiley:

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Thank you !

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