Complex surface to mesh, where can I learn about the algorithms used?


I was watching a video of hyper-realistic humans and I’m seeing the meshes they used to create the surface of a human’s face. I wonder how these meshes are created, picture follows:

In this case they used quadrilateral faces and do this thing, where they connect multiple orthogonal faces to go into the desired directions (marked in red). My question is: What is the logic behind this technique and where can I learn about surface to mesh algorithms like this.

My aim is to develop complex facades and have control over mesh-density and the direction of the mesh-edges (marked in green). In the following picture you can see the bands of mesh-faces:

I think this way of meshing would make a great looking facade.

There is no algorythm there, the head was modeled in mesh from the beggining.have you tried using a mesh program? like blender for example. Rhino has some mesh tools but pretty basic for what you are trying to do. the term you ar looking for is Topology and describes how the polygons flows over the surfaces, based on edge loops and quad polygons as you pointed out.
This techniques can be usefull inside Rhino using Sub-D plugins like t-splines, Clayoo, or the native ones in the V7 WIP for organic modeling aiming to get Nurbs surfaces as result. If you only want meshes, there are other tools.

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Okay, so for face-modelling there might not be an automated solution that just works, but I’ve seen programs like ANSYS Design, where you can select a surface and it will create a mesh where you can set the density, predefine lines to align the mesh with, and more:

That’s what I’m after. I want to understand those programs to port the logic to grasshopper.

I used blender, 3dsmax, maya etc. and I’ve seen Zbrush-workflows and so on. But I hate modelling, I want to end up just selecting my surfaces and let grasshopper do the topology according to my parameters. So the underlying principles of automated meshing is what I want to learn about

maybe this tool can help you

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