Complex move of curves

Hello to all! I was faced with a certain situation when the curves need to be shifted and glued with others in order to get the effect of continuity of the tapes. At the moment I can’t find a solution, how can I make such a complex shift? (237.8 KB) Untitled.3dm (1.7 MB)

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Can you explain again/better what you need?

to glue curves?

The end result should be surfaces. Smooth angular transition formed by curves. I tried to do this with several GRAPH MAPPER, but this is not the best option, there are inconsistencies of surfaces (78.5 KB)

check this out, you might benefit from the connect component, plus a couple of mends: (127.5 KB)


Thanks for the answer! Pretty interesting way

for sure!

it got ‘more interesting’ once I brought back (forgot to update) the logic(s) you were attempting, plus some tweaks:

check this file, for said update, if you care: (142.9 KB)

Good luck

Thanks for your options! I saw something useful for myself