Complex? list pattern - Lunchbox Diagrid

Heyyo guys,

I want to creat a spiral on a surface and control it by the UV count. I choosed the Lunchbox Diagrid component but couldnt select the curves like I want to


The two yellow curves show how i want to join my curves but i could not rearrange my List to get a result like that because the curves allways come out in columns. Its realy important that the method work for higher UV values - the low count is only for illustration. It should work if i shift the index of all items in every second row by 1 but i didnt know how :confused:

List (12.4 KB)

This is my script so far maybe it helps you to understand my problem.

all in all i want to creat a structure like this - if you know an other method or a good tutorial please let me know :slight_smile:

@Arthur_Mamou_Ma - is always great at sharing his work. Here are some video and article that references how it was put together:

Video of Galaxia by Mamou-Mani and Format Engineers

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Thats an pretty cool insight but he interpolates divided circles like this tutorial.

I am looking for a solution based on the surface UVs to control the spirales based on the surface size.

I already tried Divide Surface but with this componant i had list problems as well because i could not connect the diagonal points.

UV control is not a great way to do this. UV does not always have a good correspondence to physical distances. Of course there is always rebuild command or Quadremesh to get a more regular topology across the shapes.

I normally get away from UV when control is needed. Use PanelingTools to get the grid based on vertical planes and horizontal planes. Then the structure of the original profile curve has no influence on the spacing of the grid.

Here is a long thread that might also help:

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You can use Relative Item for this.

List (22.4 KB)

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okay ill keep that in mind but in this case it seems to work fine.

Thanks a lot Kim - second solution this day :smiley:

Check this as well.

List (22.0 KB)


my hero of the hour - thanks a lot i learned some usefull new componants today!