Compiling Python scripts into a plugin

Is this possible?
Do I compile to dll then rename to rhi or what?


Note: Talking about Rhino6

Does this help?

Thanks Tim, but no. I know how to do it for Grasshopper. I was thinking of Rhino plugin. With toolbars buttons commands panels.

I noticed there is a RhinoScript compiler application for Rhino5.

Is there such for Rhino6 for Python?

@ivelin.peychev, the python script compiler results should also work with Rhino6 if the proper RhinoCommon.dll is referenced. Toolbars can be included with the rhi file, panels like dockable dialogs are not supported yet in python as they need to be registered.

Do you refer to ipyc.exe (from the standard IronPython installation?
Or the one which Giulio mentioned in that tutorial (above)?
Or the ScriptCompiler app from here?

Could you give me a simple example?

Thanks in advance.

Yes this is the one i used. What kind of example do you want ? Did you try to compile a python script using above yet ? (Remember to reference the proper RhinoCommon.dll in the PlugIn settings under Sdk if you want it for Rhino6)


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It worked thanks @clement