GHpython compiling possibilities


Can I achieve this kind of components:

When using in-GHpython compiling?


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Yes, you can. I will not suggest you do that. That kind of display override, though, is something I think would require at least an IDE (Visual Studio and C#, e.g.). They are all owner-drawn: the code that draws them does that from scratch. I think you should focus on programming the geometry, fully grasping what is available in Grasshopper, and in a later stage you can think about UI (user interface) changes that diverge from Grasshopper standards.

This was already discussed here:



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Can it be at least VS+Python?

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It’s possible…


Any tutorials on that with more examples especially for the GUI part?

in python.

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It really makes little sense to make a tutorial to make things not work the way they are intended. Sorry. It’s already been discussed, in the thread for buttons.


to me this makes little sense, since there are already plugins for GH using additional controls inside the component. It is important because why should everyone be forced to work with csharp instead of using their choice of a .net language. And such advanced configurations done inside a component provides big benefit, depending on the solution the user is after.

And as McNeel employees has many times explained there’re not enough resources for this and that. Provide more python tutorials and requests of additional explanations will be reduced.