Comparing 2 similar surfaces

Hi all,
I was wondering what would be the best way to compare between 2 similar surfaces…

Sometimes when we make a surface, in order to create the same thing, we can do it with different commands… sometimes it works better with Network Curves, Sweep2, Loft…

Is there a way that tells you if one surface created with “Loft” for example, is better than the other one created with “Sweep2” for example?


A good surface is low on cps, has equal and aligned cp distribution, is unweighted, has a good curvature flow, is not singular but rather fan or rectangular shaped and still represent the shape. There is no better functionality, every command has its purpose. Just try out different ways and compare the outcome. Thats how surface modelling works.

Hope this helps

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I would say:

Use loft when u hv series of curves as profile without any defined “rails”

Use sweep when u want to connect several profiles with defined rails. (Like cornice, or road profiles, etc)

Use patch to “cap” surface.

Use netword Crv if u hv several curve boundaries.

Use revolve for a geometry that has an axis ( like a vase )

That being said, its always better to “plan” your work before deciding what command to use.

Say u want to model a delicious looking donut.

  • create donut profile
  • use revolve. Pick an axis (center of donut)
  • enjoy the good looking donut.

In this case u dont need network surface. It might work also with sweep and loft, But not network surface.