Rundown of best surface modeling commands for types of curves

Is there a rundown - formula type of thing anywhere of when it’s best to use which surfacing command ?
like what kind of curves do you get the best result with loft with? edgesrf? networksrf? patch

One may have personal preferences, but I look at how complex structure (number of isocurves or control points) is generated - the simpler ( = fewer of each) the better (smaller file, faster to draw, smoother and easier to Control Point edit, if need be, etc).

What also matters is if any of the surface’s edges needs to match against an adjacent surface (trimmed edges won’t allow matching) which may determine which command can match the curvature (sweep only matches the rails, network can match all sides, etc).

// Rolf

Thanks - this I have no problem understanding. I always simplify my curves as much as possible. But what I’m trying to say is – ok, I know for example if I have 3 curves that are basically the same going up in Z axis then that’s a really good loft - if I have four curves going in different directions then networksrf may be best if I can figure out how to sort them … I just think it may be a good tutorial or wiki to actually see this in action vs just look at the manual (which I am about to do again LOL)