Command to show all viewports?

Is there a command to show all viewports?

I know there is “MaxViewport”, the problem is this toggles between all viewports and 1 viewport. I dont want the toggle.

I would like to bind CTRL+ALT+E to '_Zoom _All _Extents _MaxViewport

So that this shortcut always shows all viewports zoomed to all extents. Only the above would not work when I am already in all viewports’ view.

Remove _MaxViewport

No , maybe it wasn’t clear

When I am in a single viewport, I want the shortcut to zoom to all extents and show all 4 viewports.

When I am in 4-viewport view, I want the shortcut to zoom to all extents and remain in 4-viewport view.

I don’t know if that can be done with just commands. @pascal any ideas here?

Why right click on this:
2021-05-19 14_04_57-ruota taglia M 008.3dm (396 MB) - Rhino 7 Commerciale
is not good for you?

The command is '_4View ZEA

That command looks like the one I was looking for, Riccardo. Thanks !

I remember that icon, but I can’t find it anymore, maybe it was removed in an update? It doesn’t matter, I rarely use any icons anyway.