Distance between points

Hello everyone!
I need to know how to measure the distance between each points on each curve, either horizontally (on the same curve) or vertically (on curves respect to eachother) respectively!.
Thanks 4 your help.

Distance-P.gh (6.7 KB)

Distance-P_rev00.gh (12.1 KB)

Thank you @Rajeev2 .
here I did another logic in order to create tangent circles on each curves.
But I need to know how to find a soltution for parameterizing number of curves with tangent circles on each curve.

Distance-P.gh (16.9 KB)

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Do you mean somthing like this ?

exactly, how did u do that?
could u share ur .gh file with me?

Distance-P.gh (8.2 KB)

Sure here you go.

the logic is pretty simple but without a recursiv method extrem tedious …its only a scaling factor.
a = The first radius of your arc - the radius of one of the circles.
b = The first radius of your arc + the radius of on of the circles.
scaling factor = b/a.
radius*scaling factor = radius for the next arc.

You have to send the result back to the beginning to grow…not possible in grasshopper without code…maybe with anemone.
If you want to use offset use R0 (the arc radius) output with realtive difference and mass addition and you get the offset distance.


so informative,
Thanks for your help…

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@flokart Another question…
I really liked how u solved the problem with this logic!
is there any book or smth like that wich can help me to boost mathematical solution-finding ?
They way u reached to solve the problem ,touched me!
I appreciate that

This is at the beginning scribbling and thinking what is repetetive and keep the same value…trying to find the most simplest iterative part.

Second stage …first i saw the parralle lines with the same angle so the conclusion was some factor for scaling then i saw the diameter of the circles are repetive with a scaling factor.

Here i tried grasshopper for the first test…it worked so i start coding the recursive function.

My solution is not clean as you see here because the script calculate the factore every time but the only thing that is recursive is the multiplication between the factor (constant (division)) and the new result (recursive).

Sorry i have no book just fun to tackle some challenges and it took me near 3 hours to find, test and code the solution…and this solution is not clean and good as it could be…the most simplest and cleanest one are the most difficult to find.

Just try and error to get more and more solutions.


Thank you so much for sharing the logic behind it!..
The way it started from drawings to codes was really interesting … . Congrats.
By chance if u have youtube channel or smth like that which I can follow, I’d like to have it.
Thank again for sharing your thoughts…

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:joy::joy::rofl::rofl: maybe for painting but not for geometry or math solutions.
I just want to keep some brain muscels alive so bring on your challenges :blush:.

I will​:pray::pray::fire:

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