Command List with Icons

Is there a list available that has command, description and icon? I found command name and description. But how is there no document showing the icons? Anyone have a cheat sheet? Thanks!


I think the Command list in the Help file includes those details.

No Icons though:

I think showing the icons (when existing) in that list, would be of great help to all those with a bias to visual communication.


Yeah that’s right I guess- each command has a reference to the icon and menu, if appropriate though.


Do you guys agree that a list, including icons, would be helpful?

I’m working on a new version of the help that will have icons. I cannot predict when it will be available, however. Like this:


Thanks Margaret
Ciao Vittorio

That is awesome Margaret!! Thank you very much.

Wonderful idea, icons are extremely helpful for quick lookup. If possible, export the list to a compact format (PDF) for printing - maximum 4 pages. I always prefer a printed cheat sheet next to my monitor.

Thank you very much in advance.

Awesome! How can I get this file, please?? :blush:

The help file is available on-line and can be found by pressing F1 in Rhino.

An off-line version can be downloaded from this page: