List of commands that are not available in the toolbars

Is there a way to find the list of all the commands that are not available in the toolbars.

commandlist does not allow me to sort the list by existence in the toolbar

thank you


You can find a list of all commands here on the Rhino online help website. You can check any command to see whether it is available on any toolbar or not. Here is a small script that prints these commands:

import bs4
import requests
url = ""
html_content = requests.get(url).text
soup = bs4.BeautifulSoup(html_content, "html.parser")
for headings in soup.find_all("h5"):
    if headings.find("img", attrs={"title": "Not on toolbars."}):
        for contet in headings.find("a").contents:
            if isinstance(contet, bs4.element.NavigableString):

NotOnToolbars.txt (2.8 KB)


thank you mehdiar
this listing is exactly what i need


I’m wondering why the list is useful to you? Thanks.

Hi @KelvinC

yes indeed, it is very useful for me.
being that I am more visual when working with rhino, I tend to easily remember icons and their locations, I work 98% with icons .

icons are useful for discovering rhino, you just need to see or hover over an icon to be curious.
but if the commands are hidden there is not much chance to discover the potential and capabilities that these commands offer to the user.

the goal for me. is to sort and choose the commands that integrate well with my workflow, to then create custom icons for those commands …

believe me, i didn’t know that there were commands available only in command prompt .:exploding_head:
I believed that only the test commands have this property.



Thanks for the details.

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