Command line moved

(Javier) #1

Each time i start grasshopper the rhino command line ends in the top of the window and I have to put it back to below.

Is it possible to prevent it?
Is this behavior necesary?

(David Rutten) #2

It’s certainly an unintended behaviour, and I cannot repeat it. Is this happening on Rhino5 or Rhino6?

(Javier) #3

in Rhino 5, and only the first time Grasshopper opens, and Grasshopper auto open itself when starting rhino

(David Rutten) #4

That shouldn’t happen either. Is _Grasshopper listed in your startup command list?

(Javier) #5

yes that was. i don’t remember have set this
renaming C:\Users\FJGra\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper does not help with command line

(David Rutten) #6

So now Grasshopper no longer starts when Rhino starts. But the command line still switches whenever you manually run the _grasshopper command?

(Javier) #7

yes it is

(Vanessa Steeg) #8


Try closing all Rhino windows > right clicking on the Rhino icon > select “run as an administrator” > run Grasshopper > does the Command Line still jump from bottom to top?

(Javier) #9


(Vanessa Steeg) #10

Okay, let’s try it another way:

Close all Rhino windows again > right clicking on the Rhino icon > select “run as an administrator” > run Grasshopper > set the Command Line back to the bottom > close Rhino > open it normally.

What about now?

(Javier) #11

open with command line at bottom as expected but if grasshopper runs command line jumps to top, already tryed

(Luis Fraguada) #13

Do you have plugins installed that might cause this behavior?

(Javier) #14

Deletig grasshoper folder and copying the contents of grasshopper_0.9.76.0.rhi seems solve the issue.
Could not run the archivhe

ihave been adding the plugins one by one but None of them seems to affect the program

(Javier) #15

vuelta a lo mismo

(David Rutten) #16

It looks like you need to update to a newer Rhino5 Service Release. This is free and it will fix a lot of bugs you might still run into with the older versions.

(Javier) #17

my ver is 5.14.00505.23090

(Javier) #18

What is the use of the grasshopper panel ?, it seems that leaving it open when closing Rhio, solves the problem

(David Rutten) #19

The remote panel hosts sliders and other UI elements that have been ‘published’. This allows users to control a Grasshopper file without dealing with the actual file.

It’s interesting that it solves the issue, maybe @JohnM has an idea why the Rhino layout would be affected in this way?

(Javier) #20

just closed the grasshopper panel restarted rhino, everything goes well

(Javier) #21

second time restarted rhino without G. panel command line goes top
after reopening panel goes wel