Command line moved

Each time i start grasshopper the rhino command line ends in the top of the window and I have to put it back to below.

Is it possible to prevent it?
Is this behavior necesary?

It’s certainly an unintended behaviour, and I cannot repeat it. Is this happening on Rhino5 or Rhino6?

in Rhino 5, and only the first time Grasshopper opens, and Grasshopper auto open itself when starting rhino

That shouldn’t happen either. Is _Grasshopper listed in your startup command list?

yes that was. i don’t remember have set this
renaming C:\Users\FJGra\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper does not help with command line

So now Grasshopper no longer starts when Rhino starts. But the command line still switches whenever you manually run the _grasshopper command?

yes it is


Try closing all Rhino windows > right clicking on the Rhino icon > select “run as an administrator” > run Grasshopper > does the Command Line still jump from bottom to top?


Okay, let’s try it another way:

Close all Rhino windows again > right clicking on the Rhino icon > select “run as an administrator” > run Grasshopper > set the Command Line back to the bottom > close Rhino > open it normally.

What about now?

open with command line at bottom as expected but if grasshopper runs command line jumps to top, already tryed

Do you have plugins installed that might cause this behavior?

Deletig grasshoper folder and copying the contents of grasshopper_0.9.76.0.rhi seems solve the issue.
Could not run the archivhe

ihave been adding the plugins one by one but None of them seems to affect the program

vuelta a lo mismo

It looks like you need to update to a newer Rhino5 Service Release. This is free and it will fix a lot of bugs you might still run into with the older versions.

my ver is 5.14.00505.23090

What is the use of the grasshopper panel ?, it seems that leaving it open when closing Rhio, solves the problem

The remote panel hosts sliders and other UI elements that have been ‘published’. This allows users to control a Grasshopper file without dealing with the actual file.

It’s interesting that it solves the issue, maybe @JohnM has an idea why the Rhino layout would be affected in this way?

just closed the grasshopper panel restarted rhino, everything goes well

second time restarted rhino without G. panel command line goes top
after reopening panel goes wel