Command line at cursor

Sorry if I’m doing this wrong. A complete newbie! Not even sure what to ask for. I tried to paste a screen capture of what I was looking for but that didn’t work. So… all the tutorials I look at have a white rectangular box near the cursor to input distances. I can’t get that to turn on. Can someone tell me the setting to use? Thanks

That sounds more like AutoCAD, not Rhino. Unless you are thinking of the Gumball, in which case you just need to click on the handle to get the numerical input box to appear.

Hello - apart from the gumball there are ‘cursor tool tips’ that indicate distances dragged etc but these are information only, not inputs.


Thanks, I am coming from autocad. It appears I was mistaking the informational box for an input box.

Thank you for your response. I was mistaking those boxes for input boxes.

Pascal, I am watching a video now that shows the informational box at the cursor for what seems like all drawing functions. For instance making a rectangle. My drawing only shows the distances (as I am dragging the cursor to define the rectangle) at the bottom of the screen. His shows that info at the cursor all the time. I do get a box to show osnaps as I’m drawing. Just seems more convenient to have all that info showing at the cursor. I was thinking there must be a variable that sets that. (As an Autocad user, there are variables for everything :blush:)

Thanks again,


Hi Coles - see Options > Modeling Aids > Cursor tool tips page.