Command history at startup on macos

related to this comment: Distributing mac plugins with C++ libraries - #3 by Alberto

please consider keeping a buffer of the output of RhinoApp.WriteLine on MacOS until the command history panel has finally been created, so that we can reliably print messages to aid in quickly debugging startup issues, printing plugin version info for our users, and so forth

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You could consider buffering these yourself, and writing them upon firing of the RhinoApp.Idle event.

nice workaround for some cases, but I think it should just work; I already buffer internal messages and print them in OnLoad, and this has always worked as would be expected on windows

Moreover if your plugin does not load because of dependencies being blocked from the O/S you do not get into the OnLoad event. These scenarios fails silently on the mac.


yes, simple plugins are one thing, but mine works in rhino 6, 7, and 8, on intel or apple silicon, from a single set of binaries (rhp & native dll/wrapper), and it has to use the csharp compiler or roslyn to compile RenderContent subclasses at startup, depending which is available … so there is a lot going on, and it would be nice to have writeline output as deterministic as it is on windows

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I agree on the ‘it should just work’, but as it doesn’t, the workaround may be a way to get what you want. It would be nice if this was taken up by the development team, but then it can take weeks/months/years to make it into production, if ever.

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