MacOS version python control 'CommandHistory' doesn't appear to 'work'

when I try, under ‘Python’ control to do a "CommandHistory’ - I do not ‘appear’ to get any output, at least not where I want it? - am I an idjit, or is there a secret, or does this command (which ‘seems’ to work in Windows PC version) not ‘quite’ work, yet, in MacOS?

If you run the CurveLength sample, you should see the length printed out i the lower left corner of your application window. Clicking on the four parallel lines will also bring that information up.

This seems to work to pop up the command history window on Mac (as in Windows):

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

However, this does not:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

It does work on Windows.

@stevebaer It’s not rs.MessageBox that is not working on Mac as far as I can tell, it’s rs.CommandHistory()


Gents, I agree, - works in Windows, not in Macintosh…- BUT I can use the ‘alternative’ as the ‘work-around’…

QUESTION, Though: - I’ve notice in OTHER Python things that the “rs.Command(”_SomeFunction") seems to work ‘cross-platform’ - when the ‘someVariable = rs.SomeFunction()’ ‘model’ does NOT work cross-platform. Is this ‘disparity’ something that a simple minded fellow (As Pooh Bear would say, “I’m a bear of very little brain”) like me would understand, or is it ‘beyond’ simple minds that Python on Windows behaves differently than on Macintosh (or is it the Rhino3D that behaves differently?

These are most likely bugs that we need to fix.

I figure that the Mac Rhino3D has bugs - they don’t bother me ‘that much’ - since I have the Windows version on a Windows computer on the same desk.

What I guess i’m ‘asking’ is should I be using this paradigm:
rs.Command( _something_in_here)

OR this one:

someVariable = rs.SomeFunction()

when I write my Python code - OR - when all is ‘said and done’ - at the end of the ‘day’ - when Macintosh and Windows versions are “Alike” will neither McNeel nor Bill ‘care’ any more?


You shouldn’t have to care