Command ConnectSrf broken?

it simply ignores the function when the surfaces do not touch each other, but burps up an error in case the two connecting surfaces would not hit each other anyway. in case they touch each other this seems to work, a bit awkward though because the selection of the edges have to be inverted to achieve what one wants… i see that there was an issue regarding this command regarding the inverted selection here

its not important for me for now, probably nobody even noticed, just wanted to let you know.

Hi Richard - I guess I need an example - to planes that are apart but which can be extended to connect do in fact connect if I click on the ‘relevant’ edges… so it looks like it works in at least this simple case.


nothing difficult, i just went through the commands to check what i never used, using the command help window for explanation i simply rebuilt it. it does not even indicate that i selected those upper edges.

here the vid from the docs

ConnectSrf.3dm (24.1 KB)

Hi Richard, yeah, I see, I guess that case just falls outside the scope of what the thing in intended to handle. I agree the lack of feedback is disconcerting…

@rajaa - can you comment on what the restrictions are for this tool?


This case looks like a bug to me. I’ll investigate further, and see if we can add meaningful message.