Feature Requests: Orient3Pt, Extend; Bug: ConnectSrf

It would be nice if Orient3Pt would leave markers on the from points, sometimes it’s hard to remember where they were when picking the to points.

I wish there was a Extend Natural option on the Fillet/Chamfer commands so that new geometry isn’t created when a curve needs to get longer.

And a bug in ConnectSrf: it only seems to want to trim the shorter end of a surface, no matter which edges are picked.

Regarding Orient3Pt: Even better if the markers where to be numbered 1, 2, 3. I too sometimes lose track of which pick point is which.



Hi Hans, Jakob- thanks, I’ll see if we can tune this up for V6.

(for future reference)


Hans, can you post an example of ConnectSrf? Behavior has changed in SR7 I think… The change is that if the input surfaces intersect, the trimming should pay attention to the pick location- the picked part is kept,


Here’s an example:

connectsrf.3dm (102.7 KB)

The blue surface behaves as expected, but on the green one it only trims away the smaller part (SR7).

If it keeps the area that’s picked now (which makes more sense because often picking an edge is ambiguous), then the language in the command prompt needs to be changed.

Hi Hans- here, if I click on any edges on one side of the intersection, the clicked part is always kept but I see the prompt problem… not sure how to solve that, off hand…