Command: _Polygon (Edge)


Hi all.

Command: _Polygon (Edge)
I thought that it was duplicated object.

But, "No duplicates found. Nothing added to the selection."
What is the season?

(Pascal Golay) #2

I don’t know, Knead- the exe thing tried to install stuff on my machine, more or less endlessly, I had to kill it in task manager. I am not touching that again… Can you just post the zip file directly?



yah Knead that was a bad link. The uploader for the site is working fine now so just use that.


Oops, I’m sorry.

(Pascal Golay) #5

I cannot repeat this- SelDup does find the middle segment here.



Did you make the polygon from WCS 0,0,0? [Video_2nd][1]

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi Knead - selDup is very strict- objects must be identical in the database- I believe it makes an exception for curve direction but otherwise the data must be the same. In this case the ends are are, microscopically, not the same:

start = (10.730211722818106, -6.1950906266307193, 0)
end = (0, 12.390181253261428, 0)

start = (7.9936057773011271e-15, 12.390181253261437, 0)
end = (10.730211722818106, -6.1950906266307175, 0)



Did you check my “Video_2nd” file?