SelDup should find duplicate rectangle even if seam is different

In the attached, SelDup does not select what are essentially duplicate squares - one has been rotated 90° so the seam is different. Methinks that this situation should be detected… V7 and V8

ShouldSelDup.3dm (1.7 MB)

Hi Mitch… I guess since flipped lines, circles with mismatched seams are detected, but I think (think) it likely gets much harder when there’s not some underlying bit of info like circles have.


Well, I figured if it could select a copy of an open polyline that has been flipped, maybe it could do that.

A 4 point closed polyline shouldn’t be too hard to special-case, if all 4 points are identical and it’s not self-intersecting, then it should be essentially geometrically the same… or what?

Yeah, and I guess it should simply work for closed polylines in general - all the same info is avalable in the geometry definition.
SelDup is fraught, to me - there needs to be graded SelDup - strict, loose and geometric… as is it is strict except when it isn’t which can be misleading (i.e. circles with seams in different locations) But, a different discussion, I’ll see if we can do polylines…

RH-79074 SelDup: find polylines with non-mtching seams