Combining UnrollSrfUV and CreateUV to combat deformation


I think this is a challenging one:
I have a complex surface which I want to FlowAlongSrf a flat, 3D pattern onto without deforming the pattern according to the complex surface’s Control points/UV placement.

I had an idea, and bare with me here: First deform the flat pattern so that it re-deforms (to the correct shape) when it is Flown onto the complex surface. In short, compensate for the imminent deformation.

From the complex surface (A) I CreateUVCrv a 2D surface (B) and UnrollSrfUV © a second 2D surface which follows A’s shape. I FlowAlongSrf the pattern from B to C and then FlowAlongSrf the deformed pattern from B to A. I hope this was clear enough. If not, please let me know and I’ll try to explain it more in detail.

I still get deformation which I can’t comprehend the source for. Are the two 2D surfaces handling the UV of the complex surface differently?
Any help is appreciated!

Best Regards

Hi G - hard to say without a file but what comes to mind is this:

Mesh the surface.
Patch the mesh with a fairly dense patch surface.
FlowAlongSrf from a flat plane to the patch surface with History on, and edit the input objects (flat) for location, orientation and scale until the flowed ones look right.


Hi G,
If your surface is not too complex you may flatten it with the _Squish command.
Then arrange your pattern on the flattened surface and _SquishBack to 3D.