Combining pipes in lattice

I have a Grasshopper script that generates a lattice from a list of vertices and edges defined by a list of indices within a python component. These lines are fed into a pipe and patterned based on the size of the lattice.

This is the result for a 2x2x2 octet lattice.

However, when I bake the brep join, it appears to remain individual pipes.

I’m aware you can use the multipipe component. However, I need sharp corners between cylindrical connecting pipes. It would also be nice to control the fillet at these nodes. Likewise, I haven’t found much success with add-ons like intralattice and crystallon yet. In the future, I would like to generate a bunch of unusual periodic lattices from vertex/edge lists.

How can I create a seamless solid to export as a STL? Thank you in advance!