"Combine Data" component explained


With regards to the “Combine Data” component, what am I missing in this simple example? I was trying to use this in a model but resorted to other methods. Flattening, Grafting or unchecking Multiline Data does not change the result of only 5 numbers in the output.

Combine Data Component Example.gh (5.0 KB)


Read the description of the component:

and of its output:
2021-03-14 13_07_50-Window

What do you need to do? Another component might suit you better.

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I observe from your example that the data set going to the “0” input takes priority in the output and any “nulls” in that input are replaced by the data set going to the “1” input. Basically the component offers the opportunity to populate “nulls” in an initial data set without anything being overwritten.

I was expecting a list that read 1 2 3 4 5 a b c d e. I understand I can just shift add the lists to a panel to combine them to get this result. I now know the “combine data” component does something very different.