Join two trees together

Hi! I have two data trees that I want to merge. Each of them contains nulls exactly where the other has data. They complete each other in a way. My goal is to combine them in one.

Please Help.

I’m one the phone but im pretty sure there a replace nulls component. Select one tree as the main. Plug to replace nulls. Now you need the other tree as the replacement. You will probably need to clear the nulls from the replacement or something. Post th file for more help if you get stuck.

use just “merge” component

I use Treesloth to help manage and combine trees:

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Replying to orhan: That’s to logical…
Don’t know if that won’t merge the nulls


Wow. That’s a quick response. I’ll give a try to all of them. For now I’ve used weave with null pattern and it seams to work as I want it.

Many thanks to all

sob., 31 paź 2020, 19:47 użytkownik camelworks via McNeel Forum <> napisał:

Hi Cshynoovec,

Try Clean Tree (removes Nulls) and then using Merge Data.

Or as camelworks mentioned, try using Replace Nulls.

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