I want to get gradient colours to my geometry(surface) but it does not work when i render it

when i render my grasshopper file with gray plug the gradient colours that assign to geometry (surface) it does not workBita render.gh (26.4 KB)

Thank you very much, I have another question. I have a grasshoper file which I want to get animation of it with gray.
The problem is that the norm of animation controller should come from a Frequency spectrum (from Firfly plugin).
It should be connected to “t” variable of Evaluate curve.
“t” parameter should be an integer number between 0 and 8. How can I do that? noghte jazb77.gh (16.6 KB)

your curve has a domain of 0 to 10*pi

If I understand your goal correctly you want the point on the circle to make a full circle.
So if you want to pick points on the curve that vary from start to end of this domain, you should just remap the norm domain to ‘0 to 10*pi’ instead of 0 to 8