Colour Gradient - Above and below 1?

Hi All,

Been looking at mapping population change too some shape boundaries. But am having a problem colouring the shapes to show both increase and decrease in population… im sure there is a simple solution and that I am missunderstanding something…

I would like shapes that have little change in population (ie percentage change is close to 100%) to appear white

So that values:

<1 More blue
1 = White

1 More red

Obviously the gradient plug doesn’t recognise a ‘center’ (aka 1 value) as does not appear 50% though the list…

Do i need to spit the list so that values below 1 are mapped to a different gradient to values that are above 1?
seems like an annoying work around and im sure someones done this before.

Any help would be appreciated.



You need to re-parameterize your numbers to a range between 0 and 1.

Have ended up doing this… Not that complicated in the end.

would be interested to see if anyone else has any thoughts on this.

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If you click on the point in the gradient input, you will recognize it has two colors. One to the left and one to the right. For example if you have a point on the right side (I assume it’s 1 in your script) you can set color to the left which get <1 and one to the right >1. if I understand you correctly this should help.

Create one point on the left, one on the right. 1. left color = blue, 1. right = white
2. left = white, 2. right = red
=> points < 0 will be blue, 0-1 = white, >1 = red.

Hope I could describe it as close as possible.