How to reduce the color index number in Gradient component

I need to reduce the numbers of colors to a small range. now the number of colors are is same as number of meshes.there are 60,000 meshes and 60,000 colors. i need the maximum amount of 10 or 12 colors on the 60,000 meshes but with the same gradient.

the short question is:
Is there any way to reduce the colors from the range of “0 to 60,000” to something else like “0 to 10” with the same gradient properties? (8.7 KB)


@Dani_Abalde thanks, but what is the expression in the Range component?

its not working in this case. at least i couldn’t solve it! any other idea?


Have you set “Block” in the Interpolate Data? It should work if you give it the domain in t that the gradient expects (defined by L0 and L1). (20.5 KB)


Nice solution @Dani_Abalde !

Thank you @Joseph_Oster
Exactly what i needed.

@Dani_Abalde if you could share the definition it will help me more. maybe im missing something. i would like to understand this solution too.