Gradient editor issue

I am unable to set the color at 0% , whatever color I select it stays to its default value ( black) in my case
I am missing something or its a bug ?

If I set the color at the first left item ( say 10%) then edit it and set value to be 0% again unable to set the color, this value just disappears

Hi - I’m not sure I follow - a single % value for a color? A left item?
Is this the Colour Swatch component that you are talking about?
What version are we talking about? Run SystemInfo and paste the result here…

sorry my mistake, color gradient

So far I see it works if I change the item at 0% , but I need less colors so I have dragged a few on the left side to remove them , after this the item at 0% cannot be changed anymore

Hi -

I haven’t played around with the Gradient parameter much but from a brief test…
Dragging a color point to the left side doesn’t remove it. It will just stack it on the left side. Then selecting the left-most color point will select the one of the stacked points that is most to the left but that point doesn’t influence the gradient anymore since a “less left-most” point was put on top of it. So, changing its color won’t have any visible effect.

To remove a color point, you need to drag it either up or down off off the gradient.

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Then please rename the title to Gradient Editor issue