Colour anomaly

I’m not sure what’s going on with this surface, but there’s something up with the colour. It was created in a script using the OffsetSurface method. Not sure if that matters.

Notice how I can’t change the colour of the surface until I extrude it.

Here is the file:

Colour anomaly.3dm (192.2 KB)

I should mention that this is Rhino 7 SR6 (latest RC)




(This one gets me every time…)

Maybe, but not as it currently stands. I thought about this a little more, and there’s one more big piece of the puzzle that needs to be mentioned. This surface was originally a closed polysurface with coloured faces. I copied it, exploded it, and it seems the colour assignment is permanently “baked” in even as a surface.* At this point, the RemovePerFaceColors won’t work as its just a surface now.

*But… if I just use the OffsetSrf command this issue disappears. It’s the OffsetSurface scripting method that seems to be behaving differently regarding the colour assignment.



It works here… Ahh, wait, there is a bug there - if you post-select, you can’t select the surface. If you preselect, it works…!!!

Yes, I see that now as well. There’s definitely something that needs a little tuning up here.

I’ll take a look, thanks.