Color profiles



This may be a iRay issue instead of Rhino, or it may be generic…or it may actually be a Photoshop question…

I’ve got a problem with a visible difference between the colors in a render and how the client sees them, looking at jpegs in the browser on Basecamp. They look “right” (or at least as I intended) in the Rhino render output and in Photoshop IF I enable Color Proofing and “monitor RGB.” How do I get them to match up better?



correct me if i am wrong. you create an image on your computer with the right colors but the client sees at his computer and says that “colors are not right!” this is simply the difference between the monitors. and i cant think of a solution on that matter. it is not posible to show the same render on different displays with the same colors. You may have an IPS panel, but your client may have an TN panel or vise versa.

what is your monitor panel?

Regards Rasim


Sure there’s that, but I can see the difference in the color profile or lack thereof myself when looking at my own images online, and indeed in Photoshop they only match the rendering when I turn on color proofing.