Color Picker problems ETO Forms

Hello guys,
i have an issue with the Color-Picker since one of the last updates.

The issue is that the Color not be shown in the ETO Form for now but it changes the Color of the Layer.

2021-11-25 09_11_24-DIN DE Zeichnungskopf Hochformat DZ_VoSx_NuSx_VB.000_000_000_XXX__Serienname_Art

in Normal case it should be shown the selected color in the right corner but it didnt,
is it an Core System Bug or an Script Bug ?

Here is the Code part of this box

#Material 1
        self.m_mat1_label = forms.Label(Text = 'Material 1:')
        self.m_mat1_label.Size = drawing.Size(80,22)
        self.m_mat1_box = forms.ComboBox(Text = rs.GetDocumentUserText('Material1') , AutoComplete = True, ReadOnly = False)
        self.m_mat1_box.Size = drawing.Size(250,22)
        if sprache == '1' or rs.GetDocumentUserText('v_sprache') == 'DE':
            self.m_mat1_box.DataStore = material_options_DE
        if sprache == '2' or rs.GetDocumentUserText('v_sprache') == 'EN':
            self.m_mat1_box.DataStore = material_options
        self.m_mat1_box_colorpicker = forms.ColorPicker()
        if rs.GetDocumentUserText('v_material_1_color') == None:
            self.m_mat1_box_colorpicker.Value = drawing.Color.FromArgb(0, 0,0)
            Material_1 = str(hex_to_rgb(rs.GetDocumentUserText('v_material_1_color')))
            Material_1 = Material_1.replace('(', '')
            Material_1 = Material_1.replace(')', '')
            Material_1 = Material_1.split(',')
            self.m_mat1_box_colorpicker.Value = drawing.Color.FromArgb(int(Material_1[0]), int(Material_1[1]), int(Material_1[2]))
        #Material 1

Thanks for your help guys :slight_smile:

to me your color picker looks like it’s squeezed to 0 width
try give it a little more room from the combobox

Thanks for your Replay,
i try to remove all size definitions here is the result.

2021-11-29 08_22_36-Window

the snippet you provided doesn’t look wrong but it’s taken out of context.
see if you can isolate just the combobox, label, and colorpicker, and reproduce this problem
also try assigning a width, say 250, to the colorpicker and see what happens

i found where the issue is, it looks like my system is the problem at another PC it looks right.
Thanks for your Help