Color changing wall tiles by lenartstudios

Check out another fun Rhino and Grasshopper project.

Lenartstudios did this project with E Ink. E Ink Prism, a new technology, now incorporates programmable E Ink into building materials.

The Prism tiles use E Ink color changing film for the display. The very thin film – basically two layers of approximately .3 mm – is optically coupled to the back of an acrylic lens. Each tile segment can be programmed to shift from white to fully saturated color. The Prism tiles can be programmed to change color based on interaction or to show off huge, alterable scenes, requiring less power than an array of screens.

Prism is aimed at architects and designers and is intended to replace both paint and high-end displays.

Watch the tiles in action in short video created for the IDSA awards. It tells the story in 30 seconds….

Posted Nov 05, 2018 by Sandy McNeel on Rhino News, etc.