Color an object inside GH without baking it (ghplayer)

I have a little grasshopper definition that just creates curves for Rhinocam. To streamline things, I change the colors of the curves, because RhinoCam can automatically detect them and apply operations based on their color.

Using it in Grasshopper is no problem. I use Human to bake with attributes.

Using it with Grasshopper Player is a problem, because both Human and Elefront’s bake components are dead ends, I can’t pass the colored curves from them to Grasshopper Player’s context bake.

Definition is below. It requires Human and Sasquatch (sasquatch component in red group in screengrab). I’m adding a screengrab in case you don’t have sasquatch because my questions are very simple and unrelated to that part of the definition anyway:

Is there a Human or an Elefront component that can apply attributes to an object within grasshopper and keep that object for further use in Grasshopper, with it’s attributes?

Or can I use Human or Elefront bake instead of Grasshopper Player context bake in Grasshopper Player?

Is there some other way around this?

Double Onion (61.4 KB)


It’s not super graceful, but it works, I replaced your troubled components with a little rhinocommon and added a bake/abort option at the end (not because you need an abort, but because I couldn’t work out how to stop it baking every time you add a setting, sorry :sweat_smile:) - hope this helps,

Double Onion (26.4 KB)


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