Collision testing


I really need your help. I am trying out simple form generating processes. In this case, you can see 3 cubes on the left. I want to test, if they share touching surfaces with eachother. It should be not displayed, when it is not connected. As you see i am already testing the collision, but i think it even says “true” if 2 cubes share only 1 common point, which i want to avoid.

So i want:
Cubes test for 2 common surfaces -> true -> display

Cubes test for 2 common surfaces -> false -> dont display.

Does someone know how to do it?

Thanks for your help!

There are methods.

First for under a couple hundred objects this can be used: Clash detection

And for thousands of objects in rhino 7, a pre-filter can be run like this:

Thanks, i figured out how to deal with a simple number of volumes. Unfortunately there is a new problem when i create more breps (46 in this case). Somehow the solid union doesnt work anymore, while it was working with a lower number of volumes. When i bake the volumes, there is no boolean union possible.

Anyone got an idea?

Nevermind. When im using meshes, it works. Thanks!