Rhino 7 Feature: Clash Detection in Grasshopper

Quickly search a huge number of objects to find a point of intersection between pairs of clashing objects in Rhino 7 WIP for Windows and Mac.

  • Architects and Engineers that need to find clashes between building systems may find these tools useful.

Next Steps:

This is a work in progress feature and we are looking for feedback.


A common question is how to get more information about the intersections. The Clash component is super fast at clashing 1000’s of objects. But the only thing it tells you is that they contact each other.

Now if you need more information, take the clash results and run the specific pairs through the BREP Intersect component. You can see the results you have of each intersection. This way the slower intersection component only needs to test objects known to intersect:

Note: here that the BREP intersect needs a tree datastructure, not a simple list, so I add a graph component before the inputs.

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