Collision detection - Boreholes


I am very new at grasshopper need help with a problem which I am trying to solve.

I have typical floor plan that I need to layout bore holes 100mm dia. and 2m spacing between the bores and 1m away from any other structural elements such as walls, columns and etc. Anyone knows how to approach this problem. Your help is much appreciated.

is this the extent of the conditions? What is the info you are working with?

A rectangular grid of points will give you the bore holes in this case, depends on your geometry for the columns what to do next.

Let us help you…

Have a look (13.7 KB)


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Thank you Ferry. This is exactly what I wanted. You are amazing!

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Is it possible to specify distance between the bore holes i.e. 2 meters from center to center.

surely possible, take a square grid instead, but there will be gaps at some borders. (20.9 KB)

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