Collision between curves and rigid bodies

I’m trying to model several cables going through some holes in a solid.

I want to simulate the cables resting on each other as they bunch up, as well as resting on the inner surfaces of the holes. The first kind of collision I can set up easily enough using the Collider component. How should I set up the collision between the cables and the holes/solid? (169.3 KB)

Hi @hkit.yong

I think the easiest way to achieve this will be to use an additional ring of lines, anchored, and included in the collision but with a larger radius like this: (172.8 KB)


Thanks! I understand the approach of including the edges of the holes in the Collider component and anchoring them now. However, I don’t understand why the solution fails if I specify just one radius value; the cables just fall through the ring of lines. If the initial position of the cables are that they are already threaded through the holes, shouldn’t they stay threaded?

Here’s your solution with me setting only one value for the Collider radius. (175.2 KB)

Because this calculates the intersections at discrete moments in time, when objects are very thin relative to the speed they are moving at, they can pass through each other between one iteration and the next.

If what you want to model is the hole the cables are passing through, you can use a larger circle with a thicker pipe to get the same size opening

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I see. I think I have a better idea of how it works now after having played around with the collider thicknesses as well as the strength of the gravity load. Thank you!

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