Collibri + Ladybug. The sunanalysis is not aggregating properly


Today, I have stumbled upon a problem I cannot seem to find a solution to. I use the Colibri plugin (TTToolbox) on daily basis to generate models and their various views. Lately, I have added a sun analysis part made via Ladybug. Unfortunately, Colibri does not aggregate all correct views. For some models, everything seems to be fine but for most of them, Colibri aggregates only the rhino model view without grasshopper - ladybug generated sun analysis. I suspect that it has something to do with solving order and time but I cannot find a workaround. Does anybody have any suggestions? Is there a way to delay Colibri input so it will wait for sun analysis to be complete before input change?

Hi Krystian -

You might want to consider asking this on the LBT forum as users there are likely to have more experience with this -