Collaboration tool for Grasshopper


Looking for a real time collaboration tool in Grasshopper, I found this Github repo :


It seems full of promises but I’m not competent enough to use it as it is…

I know, this subject has already been discussed (old topic), but a long time ago.

Is there any news and/or will to develop something?

Best regards and happy new year!


you want it for pair programming or something like this? Microsoft Teams will be enough then. One person share the screen, second one can request a control and then you can work together on the same GH definition. It won’t work if you want to do two different things in the same time seperately in different place of definition, but not sure if it’s needed.


thank you for your answer, my question was precisely about doing different things at the same time.

I use the Data input/output and it works quite well even if there are some limits.

Best regards.