Using Grasshopper effectively in teams

Hi guys,

My question is in regards how to use GH efficiently when working in teams. My boss and I are not entirely new to using GH but we’ve both always used it in projects individually and not in teams. As you all know, GH can get messy when developing projects, especially when transfering between one person to another. Does anyone have any suggestion, plugins, or tools to make the workflow in GH as efficient and organized as possible?

@mamedinavilela GH is an interpreter, so you make your own plugins. Relaying on third-party plugins is not cool, because in my opinion grasshopper’s goal kind of blurs.

About organization is very relative. If you are not used to a programmer’s thought, any line of code to you will seem “a mess”, but for those who understand it is pure poetry. GH is already organized!

My suggestion is to understand what you do, break it down into binary elements and find out how you can manipulate them using grasshopper in order to save time? efficiency? quality? or just to say it’s “parametric”?


Data Output and Data Input can be useful to split models into multiple pieces.

Thank you @felipe_posa. What you said completely makes sense and I completely agree with you. I don’t have loads of experience with GH and coding but I have enough to understand what you meant. I guess my question was more about advise from experience coders for how to manage GH definitions when sharing with more than one user. If you have any input on this, I’d greatly appreciate it.


Thanks @Joseph_Oster! I am going to look into this and I’ll get back to you to see how it works. I also followed the thread you shared and found people use Elefront and Telepathy as tools for management of GH script.

Much appreciated.



you may also have a look at this